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Advanced technology

We follow the technological developments in the industrial field and We try to use all the possibilities of technology in our solutions according to your wishes.

Right on time

We care about your business, we know how valuable your time is. As we promised, we realize your projects on time and share possible risks with you.

Intelligent Ideas

We offer you professional solutions with more than 20 years of knowledge and 9 years of trade experience in other leading companies in our industry.

Our innovations Production Stages

Mold Technology

Mold technology is a production method in which tools are exposed to extremely heavy loads and mold needs should be designed in accordance with the principles of perfect design, high quality, low cost. Which is why: All of our employees use their knowledge and experience in order to maintain our high quality and timely delivery principle in line with the demand from our customers. At the same time, by working in partnership with our suppliers, we improve our support for our customers' activities.

Sealing Technology

Machinery and equipment safely shut down is always very important. Products of the Akdag is focusing range in the field of sealing technology on the demands of the latest technologies. Special designs are made by us according to customer requirements. -Due to the safety of sealants and the highest current leak-proof demands, it is necessary to have the appropriate know-how in selecting and placing sealants.

Product Design

We regularly develop our rubber mold designs in harmony with the latest technology by providing comprehensive input to customer-specific products with our highly experienced staff. Our qualifications: Recommendations to make any less costly and easier to produce for the products: Selection of material: Choosing a suitable material to give the best performance at the best price -to protect functionality while designing products and components with the lowest cost in the manufacturing process - The most cost-effective solution

Over 20 Years of Experience

We have been doing what we know best for years. We invite our customers to meet our superior experience and understanding our process of services.


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